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Title:Deletion of Transaction Dimensions in Analytical Accounting (Even If History Is Present)


Recently, I came up with a requirement where I needed to delete a transaction dimension in Analytical Accounting. But when trying to delete it, I realized that it was used in posted and unposted transactions and that it could not be deleted.

I noticed for an option to purge historical documents in AA, but there was no such option, which would enable me to delete the transaction dimension without any history. After some analysis I came to note that there was an option in AA, where we could delete the transaction dimensions along with the entire history.

Follow the given process to delete specific analytical transaction dimensions and its codes in Analytical Accounting (along with the posted/unposted transactions using the deleted transaction dimension and codes).

1. Go to Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Setup >> Company >> Analytical Accounting >> Options


2. Check the option which states “Allow Deletion of transaction dimensions”. If this option is not checked, the following message is displayed if a transaction dimension which is used in a posted/unposted transaction is deleted.


3. Click OK to close the Options window.

4. Now open the transaction dimension maintenance window from Cards >> Financial >> Analytical Accounting >> Transaction Dimension.


5. Select the appropriate transaction dimension and click on Delete button. The following alert message is prompted.


6. Click on Delete button. The following alert message is prompted.


7. Click on the Yes button. This will delete the transaction dimension and all the codes for the transaction dimension. It will also remove any reference for this transaction dimension in any posted and unposted transaction.

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